Get your own impression: Experience ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ live in a webinar

In our webinars we will show you how easy and convenient it is to process order confirmations in SAP with OC+. As a “digital assistant” for purchasing, our ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ solution automatically compares an order confirmation with the appropriate SAP order and reliably displays any discrepancies. This relieves the employees in purchasing significantly. Get your … more ›

Automatic application of data matrix stamps for SAP® production orders

Extended options for the digitization of manufacturing processes with regard to work documentation and quality assurance With the automatic application of data matrix stamps as 2D stamps for the digitization of QM documents and barcode stamps as 1D stamps for feedback from production, PRODUCTIONS ORDERS+ offers extended options for the digitization of production processes with … more ›

Girls’ Day at Advanced Software: Software developer for a day

For the first time, Advanced Software took part in Girls’ Day on April 28, 2022, giving a student at the Diltheyschule in Wiesbaden the opportunity to get a taste of the job of a software developer and the subject of web programming. “We are pleased that we were able to give a girl the opportunity … more ›

Automatically save emails and documents as attachments

File documents to SAP® orders At the push of a button, from all Microsoft Office programs, Lotus Notes, LibreOffice/OpenOffice and PDF files. It often happens that documents such as meeting notes, descriptions of certain processes, visit reports, etc. are created that belong to a specific project or process. If there is already an object in … more ›

EmailMonitor: Attaching emails to SAP objects

A new feature of techdocpro makes it possible to generate orders automatically by specifically monitoring e-mail inboxes. For example, when processing order confirmations with ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+, all order confirmations that arrive by e-mail in a specific mailbox can be automatically recorded and further processed. For all our products, we use the feature primarily for the … more ›

More security in the corporate network through HTTPS in SAP®

More and more companies are also securing network traffic within their companies. Systems such as Exchange and SAP® play a special role here. We accompany this development by adapting and expanding our software solutions. We have been securing the connections to the Exchange servers for a long time using appropriate encryption methods (STARTTLS, SSL). This … more ›

TDP-Wombat makes working with automatically generated emails much more robust and pleasant

Users benefit from the concept of asynchronous processing When a buyer creates an order, an email is automatically sent to the appropriate supplier using PURCHASE ORDERS+. All necessary documents such as technical drawings, general terms and conditions, quality guidelines, etc. are attached to this e-mail – also automatically. In the next step, the e-mail will … more ›