Purchasing with SAP

Process order confirmations automatically in SAP with ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+

Optimal support for your workflow

As a “digital assistant” for purchasing, ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ takes over the automatic comparison between incoming order confirmations and the appropriate SAP orders and reliably displays deviations. It does not matter whether order confirmations are received as PDF files or in paper form.

The OC monitor is used to inform the buyers about the order confirmations that have been received. It is also the starting point for processing order confirmations that could not be booked automatically. All order confirmations that have been received via the central mailbox by e-mail or that have been digitized by scanning in paper form of order confirmations and have been processed by ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ are displayed. By clicking in the corresponding line, a specific order confirmation can be selected and then opened in the editing interface.

The processing interface is used to process the order confirmations that cannot be booked automatically due to deviations or settings. The order confirmation can be seen in the left part. A combination of the data read from the order confirmation and the expected data from the SAP order (highlighted in light blue) is displayed in the right part of the processing interface. Deviations are clearly marked.

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ offers convenient integration with Outlook: Objections or cancellations can be optimally initiated directly from the processing interface. The software automatically generates an e-mail to the supplier in which the differences to the order are highlighted. The AB is attached as an attachment. This prepared e-mail is stored in the Outlook folder “Drafts” of the user who triggered the objection. The user can add an individual text or send the e-mail directly. After sending from Outlook, the objection e-mail is stored in exactly the form in which it was sent as an attachment to the SAP order.

Automatic check routines

The software checks whether all items in the order are also included in the order confirmation and determines for each item whether the individual prices are correct, the quantities are correct, the total price has been calculated correctly and whether the delivery date is correct. In the next step, the terms of purchase and payment are also checked to ensure that they match the order.

Conditions, discounts, INCOTERMS

In addition to the so-called INCOTERMS, the program also recognizes other individually agreed regulations, provided these are configured: The software automatically checks order confirmations at item level, for example, for special conditions such as metal price surcharge or energy cost surcharge. ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ also takes discounts or volume discounts into account.

Perfect integration with SAP

The software is based on SAP technology and only uses standard interfaces. In addition to updating the SAP order, it is also possible to update the purchasing info record directly and transfer header and item notes directly into the SAP® order without any problems. No modifications are made to the SAP software.

Direct links into the SAP order

By clicking on the order number, users can open the appropriate SAP® order directly from ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+. A click on the material no. opens the purchasing info record.

Your advantages of working with ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+

  • Perfect overview
  • Automatic matching
  • Extensive test routines
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Complete documentation
“We have been using the ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ solution for four years now and are delighted with the reliability of the system. Our employees no longer want to do without the tool in their daily operations because order confirmations can be checked and processed much faster. In any case, the introduction of the software was worthwhile for us.”
Dejan Vidovic
Purchase Manager & Customs Contact Officer
steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Press article: “Automated processing of order confirmations for SAP”

In a press article we have clearly presented the advantages and the range of services of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+. Click here for the article.

Good to know!

We offer all our software solutions at a fixed price, which is graded according to the number of users. On request, we offer a comprehensive maintenance contract that keeps the solution up-to-date at all times. See Support for more information.

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