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Automatically document differences between drawing versions with DIFFERENTIAL VIEWS

Automatically at the push of a button

Our solution DIFFERENTIAL VIEWS offers automatic and complete documentation of all changes compared to the previous version. Starting from the neutral format files (PDF, TIFF), an automatic pixel comparison of the new version with the previous version is carried out and the changes are recorded in a file in three colors (red, blue, black). These difference views are available to every authorized person at the push of a button.

Automatic comparison

Our software determines the differences between two versions of a drawing based on the neutral files and clearly displays the differences in different colors. The system starts automatically when a new drawing version is released. In the first step, the previous version is searched for in the SAP system. The neutral files are filtered out from both versions and transferred to our software. There, a raster version is first produced from the neutral files. Before processing, the border lines are made to coincide. Then the drawings are compared.

Intuitive presentation

The differences between the drawings are then visible at a glance:

  • All drawing parts that are missing in the new version are shown in red.
  • All parts of the drawing that did not exist in the old version are shown in blue.
  • All drawing parts that exist in both versions are displayed in black.

If desired, the generated difference view can be stamped with the text “Difference view between version n and m” so that there can be no confusion with a normal drawing even when output on a monochrome printer. It is also clear at a glance which versions have been compared.

Integration with SAP®

Our software is designed in such a way that it can also be integrated into existing processes outside of SAP®. You will receive a result file that contains all the information about the resulting difference view and can be processed by another program. The difference views are automatically added to the SAP® document info record when the new version is released. This eliminates the time-consuming search for differences and the often incomplete and error-prone written documentation by the designers becomes largely superfluous.

This significantly accelerates the work processes in design, work preparation, production and assembly.

Your benefits of working with DIFFERENTIAL VIEWS

  • Intuitive presentation
  • Complete documentation
  • Small result file
  • Processing of multi-page documents
  • Stamping with watermark

Are you interested in further information?

We will also be happy to send you a detailed product description on request.

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