Document management with SAP

Migration of drawings from TIFF format to PDF or PDF/A

(also: TIFF variants, CALS, other raster formats such as JPEG)

Our product “techdocpro – Technical Document Processor” offers optimal support for the migration of drawings with very large files. In order to achieve the highest possible conversion rate, we use various methods. These include e.g. the automatic selection of the TIFF parser used, the repair of missing or incorrect TIFF tags, handling of unwanted thumbnails, handling of multi-page files and much more.

Range of services

Different software modules can be used individually tailored to your migration project:

  • Conversion of various file formats to PDF or PDF/A, including TIFF. Support for different PDF/A versions.
  • Repair mechanisms for certain types of defective TIFF files in order to still be able to convert them, automatic selection of different TIFF parsers
  • Various trigger options from SAP: conversion server interface, SAP function module call, call from existing SAP conversion server
  • Other trigger options for customer environments or service providers: Automatic monitoring of input directories (subdirectories or files), process calls for individual conversions or batch calls
  • Checkout from SAP, checkin to SAP, support for other PDM/PLM systems and archives
  • Optional load balancing across multiple servers, backup server.
  • Monitoring tool for currently running conversions across all servers.
  • Journal files of previous and failed conversions

General conditions

When planning the migration, it is important to record the quantity structure: how many files are to be migrated? Which file formats must be taken into account (TIFF variants, CALS, other raster formats such as JPEG)? Where do the files come from (CAD system, hand drawing scans, large format scans, microfilm scans, external files)?

The size of the existing file stock is also interesting in order to be able to derive approximately how much space will be required in the archive system used in the future.

Based on the number of files to be migrated, a time frame for the overall project can also be derived. Various factors have to be taken into account: Are there temporal constraints that have to be taken into account, such as a deadline for shutting down an existing system? How heavily may the target archive system be loaded by the migration? This then results in possibilities in terms of parallelization and control of the migration, as well as hardware requirements.

Furthermore, the technical framework conditions of the TIFF files must be recorded: Are the available TIFF files all black and white or are there also colored files that are to be converted? What drawing sizes are available? By default, the PDF standard supports maximum page sizes of up to 5.04 mx 5.04 m. If the files are larger, special precautions must be taken.


Our software contains field-tested monitoring options that allow constant monitoring of the migration across all servers and enable appropriate intervention in the event of irregularities. In addition, the software keeps order-related and summary error journals, which can be evaluated automatically in order to be able to view both individual files and larger quantities with the large number of conversions.

In the case of a migration, a successful conversion rate of between 98% and 100% can usually be achieved. In large databases, individual files are almost always broken or incomplete or were not created in a standard-compliant manner. These errors can either be transferred to the new archive system without being converted, or alternatively, a detailed analysis of the errors that have occurred can be used to search for possible approaches for improvements. In a subsequent project, the rest can then be converted as far as possible.

Your advantages when using our migration solutions

  • Conversion rate between 98% and 100%
  • Field-tested monitoring
  • Individual process planning
  • Migration of large files is possible
  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Complete documentation

Project report: “Migration of inventory data” in the area of networks of Deutsche Bahn AG

With the support of Advanced Software GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG realized the automatic conversion of 4.4 million drawings to PDF/A-2 within a very short time. The “techdocpro – Technical Document Processor” solution was used here. Click here for the project report: Automatic conversion of 4.4 million drawings to PDF/A-2

Conversion solution for SAP® DVS

Our conversion solutions for SAP® DVS are used in most migration projects. Here you will find further technical background information.

Good to know!

We offer all our software solutions at a fixed price, which is graded according to the number of users. On request, we offer a comprehensive maintenance contract that keeps the solution up-to-date at all times. See Support for more information.

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