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Automatically assign delivery notes to the SAP® order with DELIVERY NOTES+

Optimal support for your workflow

The automatic assignment of the delivery note to the SAP order takes place with DELIVERY NOTES+ in well over 90% of the cases. The remaining delivery notes can be conveniently assigned in a user interface. All in all, most of the manual work that was previously necessary with the delivery notes is no longer necessary. The use of the software solution thus pays for itself in a few months through the saved working time.

The initial situation is the same in most companies: delivery notes are mostly sent to the house on paper with the goods. The filing of the delivery notes requires manual work and space for storage in folders. If it becomes necessary to look at the delivery note, the person in charge has to go to the storage location and find the paper there and then put it back down. This also applies if the delivery note is received in electronic form – because in this case it is also necessary to file the e-mail or the attachment in such a way that it can be found again.

Our product DELIVERY NOTES+ eliminates this manual work and offers direct access to the delivery note via the SAP order. When you start DELIVERY NOTES+, the SAP order data that is due for delivery is exported.

The delivery note is placed in a scanner at the point of handover or receipt and a digital copy is thus created in the form of a PDF file with a text layer, which is stored in a server release “Delivery notes”. If a delivery note is received digitally, DN+’s e-mail monitor stores it in the appropriate directory.

DELIVERY NOTES+ monitors this directory for incoming delivery note files. As soon as a file appears, it is processed by the software and the relevant supplier and order information is automatically read out. Based on this information, DELIVERY NOTES+ determines the right supplier and the right order with a high level of accuracy.

Finally, the respective delivery note is filed as an attachment to the SAP order. If available, an archive system can also be controlled directly via the SAP ArchiveLink interface. This ensures that the documents are archived in a revision-proof manner and can be displayed at any time at the push of a button. The actual delivery note can simply be filed chronologically and then disposed of when the prescribed retention period has expired.

Optimum support, even when manually processing problem cases with delivery notes

If the supplier cannot be determined due to soiling of the papers or faulty scans, or no suitable SAP order can be found, or several very similar orders prevent a clear assignment, DELIVERY NOTES+ sends an e-mail with the delivery note to a clerk for manual assignment sent.

This e-mail contains a link to an editing interface that displays the delivery note in full and lists the possible suppliers and orders identified by the program. The clerk selects the correct order from this list. The delivery note is then filed with the SAP order.

If none of the program’s suggestions are correct, you can search for the right order in SAP by entering the order number. Alternatively, by entering the supplier name, the open orders for this supplier are searched for in SAP and listed for selection.

Your advantages of working with DELIVERY NOTES+

  • Automatic mapping
  • No manual intervention necessary
  • Convenient user guidance
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Complete documentation

Good to know!

We offer all our software solutions at a fixed price, which is graded according to the number of users. On request, we offer a comprehensive maintenance contract that keeps the solution up-to-date at all times. See support for more information.

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