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Successfully issue production orders with SAP®

Output of the complete production order with production papers, parts list and drawings

With PRODUCTION ORDERS+ you can put together and output production orders with SAP much faster and more robustly. This is made possible by the automatic compilation and integration of drawings, production aids and attachments to the production orders. This also simplifies the preparation of production processes with SAP®. Get an overview of the range of services of our solution and identify potential for your company.

With PRODUCTION ORDERS+, the materials and bills of material are analyzed in the SAP system, the validity is checked, the linked drawings and documents are determined in the correct versions and everything is compiled. The parts lists are output in files so that they can also become part of the assembly. Document types, file types, release status and authorization objects are taken into account to ensure that authorized persons receive all the information they need, but non-authorized persons cannot access the information.

With PRODUCTION ORDERS+, production orders can be distributed to several printers, e.g. all papers up to size A3 (production papers and drawings) on an office printer and all papers larger than A3 on a plotter. The manual compilation is supported by an automatically created table of contents and the application of stamps with the FAUF no. and a page number much easier.

With PRODUCTION ORDERS+, the complete compilation with all described documents can be saved in the form of a PDF or PDF/A file. In order to be able to prove that the file has not been changed from its original form, it can be provided with an electronic signature that is no longer valid if it is changed and thus reveals modifications.

Comfort and safety features

The system also offers a range of convenient options to make working with the production order even easier and more efficient:

If you have the production orders printed by a service provider or outsource part of the production to another company, you can also have the complete production order generated by PRODUCTION ORDERS+ sent directly to the service provider by e-mail.

If the production order with all attachments has been sent by email, the corresponding email is archived in exactly the form in which it was sent – with all manual changes in the text and any other attachments. The e-mail is accepted via an integration with the mail server and saved in EML format.

In addition, handwritten notes, e.g. on problems during production or changes in the production process, must be archived. Here, too, an automated solution can be established by scanning the documents with annotations. With the appropriate software, the FAUF no. identified and the file can also be attached to the production order object as an attachment.

Operational safety in focus

Production orders are system-critical processes. That’s why we attach great importance to robustness and reliability when developing PRODUCTION ORDERS+. A total failure of the system can be avoided by setting up backup servers, the watchdog module can compensate for short-term network failures and the load distribution across several servers offers the opportunity to process order peaks without problems. Many satisfied customers who have been using the software for years with well over 1,000 production orders per day are available as reference for the reliability and effectiveness of the software.

Your advantages of working with PRODUCTIONS ORDERS+

  • Automatic analyses
  • Drawing and release management
  • Full integration
  • Archiving in the SAP system
  • SAP S/4HANA compatible
  • Optimal print output
“We have been using Advanced Software’s products to process SAP-related documents for about nine years. In particular, we use the solutions for issuing SAP production orders and for compiling and sending SAP orders. We are very satisfied with the performance and stability of the software and appreciate the fact that working with Advanced Software, the software solutions are continuously developed and our wishes are always taken into account.”
Christian Odorfer, Betriebswirt M.A.
SAP Project Manager, BU Analyzing & Testing
NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

Technical article in “IT&Production”

In a specialist article in the trade journal “IT&Production”, we show how one-off and small series manufacturers in mechanical and plant engineering in particular benefit from additional integration software. Click here to contribute: “Plan and control with ERP tools”

Success story: HEINRICH KIPP WERK GmbH & Co. KG

To optimize the workflow when issuing SAP production orders, our customer HEINRICH KIPP WERK Gmbh & Co. KG relies on the software solution PRODUCTION ORDERS+ with the features output as a multi-page file with all drawings, uninterrupted printout, and storage of the result file all systems in the SAP system. Here is the success story: Optimized workflow when issuing SAP production orders

Good to know!

We offer all our software solutions at a fixed price, which is graded according to the number of users. On request, we offer a comprehensive maintenance contract that keeps the solution up-to-date at all times. See Support for more information.

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