Automatic application of data matrix stamps for SAP® production orders

Extended options for the digitization of manufacturing processes with regard to work documentation and quality assurance

With the automatic application of data matrix stamps as 2D stamps for the digitization of QM documents and barcode stamps as 1D stamps for feedback from production, PRODUCTIONS ORDERS+ offers extended options for the digitization of production processes with regard to work documentation and quality assurance. This can also be used to prepare for fully digitized, paperless production.

In many companies, the documentation files and test documents belonging to an SAP production order are printed out before the production process, filled out manually after production and finally provided with a sticker with a data matrix code so that the documents can be automatically attached to the corresponding production order in the SAP system after they have been scanned. system. These additional manual activities can be significantly reduced by using our PRODUCTION ORDERS+ solution. A central component for this is the automatic application of data matrix or barcode stamps.

With our software, it is possible to automatically stamp one or more 1D or 2D stamps on the test documents when a production order is issued and print them out directly. As a result, the documents can be scanned again immediately after they have been filled out by the employees, and it is no longer necessary to apply a label manually.

The output of the stamps can be individually configured in terms of design and content. The content of the stamp can be adapted to the needs of production control and quality inspection: Here, comprehensive and individual serial numbers can be used for the stamp as well as all other usual metadata from the SAP system. If required, the data matrix stamp can be cropped with a white frame. This ensures that the scanner automatically recognizes the stamp even if the page background is dark.

The extensive functionality of PRODUCTION ORDERS+ thus offers an intermediate step from the established paper-based production towards a completely digital, paperless production. How much information is to be printed out automatically when the production orders are issued can be configured according to customer requirements. If all the options offered by PRODUCTION ORDERS+ are used, the inspectors only have to enter the inspection comments and sign the document after production – the software takes care of all other work steps.

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