Automatically save emails and documents as attachments

File documents to SAP® orders

At the push of a button, from all Microsoft Office programs, Lotus Notes, LibreOffice/OpenOffice and PDF files.

It often happens that documents such as meeting notes, descriptions of certain processes, visit reports, etc. are created that belong to a specific project or process. If there is already an object in SAP for this project, it is advisable to store these documents in this object instead of managing them separately in a folder structure in the Windows file system. This is most often the case in connection with SAP orders or SAP inquiries.

With AttachToPurchaseOrder it is now possible to store such documents at the push of a button, e.g. from an Office application directly in SAP® to the appropriate object in the attachment list.

This feature works from all Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, …) as well as from Lotus Notes and LibreOffice/OpenOffice (Writer, Calc, Draw, …). The same applies to PDF files from Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers.

In addition, all types of files from Windows Explorer can be stored in the SAP system at the touch of a button.

In all cases, it is also possible to convert a document during this process (e.g. into a PDF file or a PDF/A file) and only then store it in the converted form in the respective SAP object.

If desired, the Archive Link interface can also be operated in this context, so that archiving in a database is possible.

Differentiation of SAP orders, requests and other object types: When attaching, different object types can be distinguished, for example, in addition to “real” SAP orders, there are also inquiries, contracts and returns orders.

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