TDP-Wombat makes working with automatically generated emails much more robust and pleasant

Users benefit from the concept of asynchronous processing

When a buyer creates an order, an email is automatically sent to the appropriate supplier using PURCHASE ORDERS+. All necessary documents such as technical drawings, general terms and conditions, quality guidelines, etc. are attached to this e-mail – also automatically. In the next step, the e-mail will be filed in the responsible purchaser’s Outlook folder “Drafts”. A short system message informs the user that the draft is available.

Compared to sending the e-mail directly via the SMTP server (which is of course also possible), this procedure offers the advantage that the buyer can make individual additions or changes to the e-mail. These can be notes or additional information for the supplier, for example. In addition, he can see the sent email with all attachments in his “Sent” folder in Outlook.

Thanks to the asynchronous mode of operation of the TDP wombat, the generation of these e-mails has now become significantly faster and more robust and is more convenient for the user to use. In this way, a buyer can initiate the next process while he is still waiting for an email to be completed. Distributed work is also supported, for example by one buyer initiating an order and another buyer receiving the e-mail with all the attachments for further processing or approval.

The system also compensates for disruptions such as network failures or other problems. The TDP wombat simply keeps running at the next opportunity and regularly queries all open orders. The system notifies the responsible user when the pending processing step is complete.

The TDP wombat is usually used to process orders from SAP, but can also be used, for example, to send production orders as part of outsourced production.