techdopro ("Technical Document Processor") is a multifunctional document processing platform and acts as the so-called middleware for our innovative software solutions. The system consists of SAP® and Windows components to enable integration with SAP as well as important integrations with additional PLM or CAD systems. Techdocpro supports the extensive automation of frequently used methods when processing documents.

The diverse features of techdocpro are used among other things for the following software solutions:

  • SAP production orders in the best possible form with all drawings and documents
  • SAP purchase orders with all drawings and documents, mailed and archived in a legally secure manner
  • Order confirmations, automatic verification and attachment to the corresponding purchase order in SAP
  • Delivery notes and consignment notes, automatic capturing and storage in SAP
  • Vendor invoices, automatic processing for SAP
  • Customer invoices, automatic invoicing and emailing
Processing or result Advantage through techdocpro
Generation of neutral files (PDF, PDF-A, TIFF) from CAD drawings or Office documents.  
  • Long-term revision-proof digital storage.
  • No dependency on specific versions of the CAD or Office system.
  • Direct access and faster display or output for staff outside the construction department.
Long-term archiving  
  • All files are made available as signed PDF-A.
Creation of data exchange files from CAD drawings and CAD models (DXF, STEP, JT etc.)  
  • Independent of the CAD system, data can be exchanged with contract manufacturers, suppliers and customers.
  • Files are available to and can be used by all authorized users without interrupting a designer at work.
Generation of structured lists of content with hyperlinks  
  • Simple and quick operation by the user.
Permanent or temporary stamping with metadata  
  • Important information, e.g. document status, production order number, etc. are printed on the drawing.
  • The drawing can be stored with stamp (permanently stamped) or without stamp in the ERP system.
Graphical version comparison of drawings  
  • Full and automatic change documentation
  • Stored in the ERP system, it is directly available to all entitled parties.
Perfect output of drawings  
  • Printing large-scale drawings on multi-roll plotters at the push of a button.
  • Printing includes scaling, rotation, roll selection, etc.
  • This leads to savings in working time and printing costs.
Display of drawings on the screen  
  • Safe viewing of stamped, protected, and encrypted files so they can only be used for display.
  • This prevents the unauthorized disclosure of drawings.
Export of drawing compilations to the file system as single files, multi-page files or ZIP folders  
  • Simple, fast and stamped providing of drawings for further processing.
Emails of drawing compilations, either directly from the techdocpro server or as a draft in Outlook.  
  • Simple operation and flexibility, e.g. by using metadata and individual message texts.



Supported Operating Systems:

techdocpro can be used with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.

Due to the limitations of CAD systems, the system for workstations is advisable when converting CAD files.

Trademark Attribution: SAP is the trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.