The conversion server converts original files from all common CAD systems, many industry standard formats and the MS Office formats into neutral formats such as TIFF, PDF or PDF-A. In addition to these, data exchange formats, e.g. DXF, STEP or JT. For conversion, the conversion server uses an implementation of the interface specified by SAP®, the "SAP® conversion server". This is configured in SAP customizing and a conversion may start with a status change, time based or out of a workflow.

Structure of the conversion server

Features of the conversion server at a glance

  • Automatic conversion of file formats in the background
  • Differences to the predecessor version at a glance through differential views
  • Thumbnails provide a better overview of file management
  • PDF and PDF-A files, including metadata from SAP and TIFF files, can be generated from CAD and Office files
  • Creation of data exchange formats in 2D and 3D (e.g., DXF or STEP)

    • The 2D and 3D data exchange formats which the CAD system itself can produce, can be generated from CAD files

  • Scaling, rotation stamping with truetype fonts, bitmaps and barcodes

    • You can decide whether stamps should be applied to the document only during the output or already during the conversion process. If the stamping is done at output (view, print, file), it is guaranteed that the neutral format corresponds to the native format. This complies with the principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents.
    • If the stamping is already done during conversion, the stamped neutral format no longer corresponds to the native format. Here we apply the technique that an unstamped neutral (.iso) format, which corresponds 100% to the native format, is attached as an additional file (hidden) to the document info record.
    • By the described solutions a stamped original is displayed in the viewer without delay and thus security when handling different document versions is increased.

  • Quick viewing with stamp information without time delay
  • Full compliance with the SAP specification for conversion servers

Steps of the conversion server

When the event for which a conversion was customized is triggered, SAP copies the necessary files and issues control to the appropriate converter. This converter performs a series of operations, and then returns results files to SAP. SAP executes the check-in to the relevant document information record. Due to this way of handling the processing, these steps can also be performed with a lock status.

Conversion formats:

CAD input files: Office input files: Industrial standard input files:
AutoCAD Word CGM
Inventor Excel HPGL/2
Medusa Powerpoint JPEG
CREO Project PDF
Pro/Engineer Visio PostScript
SolidEdge OpenOffice PNG
Siemens PLM NX   SAPscript
Output – export: Output – printers: Output – data exchange:
PDF-A All printers with a Windows driver DXF
PDF-A with metadata from SAP   CGM



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