For delivery notes and consignment notes, a legal storage period of six years applies. The storage of the delivered documents in paper form in folders is complex and requires a lot of space. If, in fact, a delivery note is needed again after some time, finding the right paper is very time-consuming.

In any case, the digital filing of receipts is better where they belong: as an attachment to the corresponding SAP order.

Our product DELIVERY NOTES + allows you a fast, automated and audit-proof recording, processing and filing of delivery notes and waybills in your SAP system.

Fast acquisition

The incoming delivery notes and waybills are provided with a barcode label at the time of goods receipt. In a second step, a whole batch of delivery notes is scanned in and the delivery notes are converted into a multi-page PDF / A file.

Optimal processing

With our OCR solution, the relevant supplier information is automatically read out. Based on this information, DELIVERY NOTES+ identifies the right supplier and the right order with very high accuracy.

Audit-proof storage

Finally, the respective delivery note is stored as an attachment to the SAP order. This ensures that the documents are archived in a revision-proof manner and can be displayed at any time at the push of a button.

Support in the event of an error

If the digitized documents cannot be reliably assigned due to soiling of the papers or incorrectly performed scans based on the OCR run, DELIVERY NOTES + suggests the most likely supplier and the most likely order and offers them to the responsible employee for manual confirmation.

Option: Inclusion of an external service provider

Delivery notes and bills of lading are often crumpled, provided with handwritten additions or show stains. As multi-page documents, they are usually stapled together and must accordingly be manually processed before scanning and e.g. be provided with stamps or stickers. Of course, this work can be carried out by your own staff, as an alternative, but we also offer the complete external processing of the delivery notes and waybills by a service provider in cooperation with our experienced partners:

In this variant, the delivery notes and waybills are only collected at your company and collected daily by a sender who brings them to our service provider. The service provider then prepares the papers, carries out the scanning and the OCR recognition and, with the help of DELIVERY NOTES +, also takes over the assignment to the appropriate order. The filing in the SAP system takes place either via VPN connection or through file transfer. In any case, the delivery notes are available in your SAP system no later than 24 hours after collection of the papers.

The service provider then keeps the paper delivery notes for an agreed period and then disposes of them professionally. This eliminates all paper handling for the delivery notes and shipping documents in your company.

The billing takes place per processed document, so that the saved working time results directly noticeable cost savings.

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