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The processing of incoming invoices (registration, control, booking, filing, etc.) takes a lot of working time in every company. Our solution INVOICE PROCESSING+ helps you to make invoice processing significantly cheaper and faster. The system is equally suitable for the automated processing of paper invoices as well as for the processing of electronically transmitted incoming invoices as well as invoices transmitted via the electronic exchange standards such as EDIFACT and ZUGFeRD.

Our objective is to minimize the error rate associated with manual assignment by automating the processing of invoices, while at the same time achieving significant savings in working hours by relieving employees in the accounting department of unnecessary manual work processes.

Our software solution is much less error-prone, as each invoice is automatically compared to 100% of the order and is examined for possible deviations. If any deviations are detected, the responsible employee is automatically notified of the problem and can take the necessary steps. This allows employees to focus on what needs to be done because of errors or differences and save time on all invoices that completely match the order.


Invoices that arrive in paper form in the company are digitized in the first step by being scanned. Of course, invoices that are already available in digital form (for example in the context of ZUGFerD) can also be further processed. In the next step, an OCR recognition is performed. In this way, a PDF file with text layer is created per invoice.


The data entered in this way are verified by comparison with the master data from SAP®. Invoices for which there is no order or deviations from the determined order data are transferred to another part of the program, which displays the invoice with the determined data and the possibly matching orders side by side. As a result, manual intervention is possible to ensure accurate accounting of all invoices.


After all the invoices of an invoice run have been processed, the assigned invoices are pre-recorded in the SAP system or, if desired, also completely registered with complete agreement with the order. The scanned image of the invoice is transferred to the asset list as an attachment to the invoice document.

Option: Integration of a service provider

The complete processing of incoming invoices with INVOICE PROCESSING + can also be carried out completely by integrating a service provider outside the company. The invoices within the company are only provided with an entry stamp and collected. In a freely definable period according to the amount of the invoice (for example once a day, every two days, once a week) the original invoices are handed over to an external service provider.

There, the received invoices are completely processed:

  • Both paper invoices and electronically received, digital invoices are automatically assigned to INVOICE PROCESSING+ as described above.
  • If manual interventions are necessary for invoices that can not be clearly assigned, these are taken over by the service provider.
  • The company receives all incoming invoices processed back.

For the company, this option has the advantage that immediate savings can be realized without any investment costs, as the billing per processed invoice takes place at a fixed price, which is in any case lower than the previous labor costs for manual invoice processing!

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