Your goals:

  • Automatically check incoming order confirmations
  • Confirm automatically correct order confirmations
  • Automatically recognize discrepancies between order confirmation and order
  • Use predefined processes and emails for "contradict order confirmation" or "cancel order"

Then ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ is the right solution for you!

Checking order confirmations takes up a considerable amount of working time in purchasing. The actual work is already done and it is just a matter of ensuring that the agreements are also adhered to by the suppliers. ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + removes this unnecessary work for purchasing!

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ works with intelligent algorithms (AI) and can ensure the automatic assignment of an order confirmation to the right supplier and the right order as a "Digital Assistant" for dispatchers and purchasers without complex learning processes! It does not matter if an order confirmation is received as a PDF file or in paper form.

The software works fully automatically in the background. Using the "AB Monitor", dispatchers and purchasers have a perfect overview of all received order confirmations including the current status in tabular form with various filter options. In the editing interface, the order confirmation is displayed directly next to the expected data from the matching SAP order and the determined data from the order confirmation. Deviations are clearly marked. The necessary actions are then completed with just a few clicks: In the event of an objection or cancellation, the system provides ready-made e-mails with all the necessary information. All data is kept up-to-date in the SAP order or stored as an attachment so that representations or other departments are always informed.

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"We have been using the ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ solution for about a year now and we are thrilled with the reliability of the system. Our employees do not want to miss the tool in daily operations because order confirmations can be checked and processed much faster. Well worth it in any case. "

Dejan Vidovic

Purchase Manager & Customs Contact Officer
steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Automatic comparison between order confirmation and SAP order

The checking and processing of order confirmations in SAP® takes up a significant part of the working time in purchasing. The actual work is already done and it is only a matter of ensuring that the agreements are complied with by the suppliers. ORDER CONFIRMATIONS +, as a "digital assistant" for purchasing, automatically compares an order confirmation with the appropriate SAP order and reliably displays any deviations. It does not matter whether an order confirmation is received as a PDF file or in paper form.

The order confirmation is displayed in the processing interface next to the expected data from the appropriate SAP order and the determined data from the order confirmation. Deviations are clearly marked. The necessary actions are then completed with just a few clicks: the system provides ready-made emails with all the necessary information for objection or cancellation. All data in the SAP order is always kept up-to-date or stored as an attachment, so that representatives or other departments are always informed.

Perfect overview with the "AB-Monitor"

The "AB Monitor" offers dispatchers and buyers the perfect overview of all received order confirmations including the current status in tabular form. In addition, it is possible to use different filters, for example to display only the order confirmations from a specific period, according to responsibility or processing status. This provides, among other things, a good opportunity to be able to process the order confirmations from colleagues in the event of a vacation replacement:

Intuitive options for action

In the user interface of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + the user sees the order confirmation in the left part. For this the two tabs "PDF" and "E-Mail" are available. In the right part, the data found from the AB and the expected data from the SAP order are assigned to each other. Deviations are clearly marked. If the order data on the right side is hovered over with the mouse, the corresponding values are highlighted in the order confirmation (left in the picture). The buyer or dispatcher can accept changes directly from this interface, enter partial confirmations (at item level), send an objection or cancel the order.

Change the order

If the purchaser comes to the conclusion that the deviation from the actual order as determined in the order confirmation is acceptable, he can easily and quickly make the corresponding change to the SAP order via the "Accept & Order Change" button. The order confirmation is stored as an attachment to the order in the SAP system so that the change remains traceable at all times.


If the user decides to send a contradiction to the supplier, the order confirmation with the marked deviations is compiled as an attachment to a configurable e-mail and sent directly via SMTP. Alternatively, this e-mail can also be stored in the "Drafts" folder. This allows the purchaser to add an individual text before the e-mail is sent.

Cancel order

As a third option, the purchaser can cancel the order. He then automatically receives a ready-made e-mail with all the necessary data and information that he can send directly. If necessary, the change or addition of the e-mail is easily possible. The e-mail is - including all manual changes - also filed as an attachment to the order and performed the update of the SAP order.

Central advantages of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+

Processing of all input formats

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ allows automated validation, control and processing of order confirmations for SAP - regardless of whether the order confirmations are received in paper form (as a letter) or in digital form (e.g., as a PDF attached to an e-mail).

Automatic check routines

The software processes each order confirmation directly after receipt, automatically determines the right supplier and searches the order matching order in the SAP system. It then checks to see if all the items in the order are included and determines per item whether the individual prices are correct, the quantities are correct, the total price has been calculated correctly and the delivery date is correct.

Clear presentation

Within the scope of a table form, all received order confirmations (all locations, all employees) including the current status are displayed. Filter options allow users to display the order confirmations according to responsibility, processing status or a certain period of time.

Defining permitted deviations

For all checks it is possible to define deviations within which the order confirmation is still considered to be consistent. This delta can be set up in absolute or percentage terms and, in the near future, specifically for individual suppliers or for certain product groups.

Partial confirmations possible

With slider controls, ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + allows you to confirm only individual items from the order confirmation. The remaining positions of the order remain unaffected.

Direct links to the SAP order

By clicking on the order number, buyers and dispatchers can select the appropriate SAP order directly from the notification e-mail or from the editing interface or by clicking on the material no. open the purchasing info record.

Conditions, Discounts, Incoterms

The software automatically checks special conditions at item level, such as with regard to metal surcharge (MTZ) or energy surcharge (EKZ). ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + also takes into account discounts or volume discounts and Incoterms.

Perfect integration with SAP

ORDER COMFIRMATIONS + is based on SAP technology and uses only standard interfaces. No modifications are made to the SAP software. The software works as far as possible in the background and only contacts the responsible purchaser if a decision is necessary.

Authorization system is retained

The authorization system of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ is based on SAP users. Representations are possible via SAP purchasing groups. Access to the stored order confirmations is regulated by the authorizations for the SAP orders. The supplier evaluation system within SAP also remains valid for order adjustments with ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+.

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