Your goals:

  • Assemble SAP orders automatically with all attachments
  • Integrate STEP or DXF files into the order
  • Automatically generate a table of contents about the order
  • Automatically send SAP orders with all attachments by e-mail to the right supplier
  • Provide order forms, drawings and other documents with arbitrary stamps

Then PURCHASE ORDERS+ is the right solution for you!

In particular when purchasing technical goods, additional information must be sent to the supplier in addition to the actual order forms for many SAP® orders and inquiries. This includes technical drawings, CAD data exchange files (such as DXF or STEP), as well as terms and conditions, quality requirements or shipping instructions.

When you process purchase orders via SAP® ERP and the corresponding module for purchasing, these important documents are not automatically output. Instead, they must either be printed manually via the PDM / PLM system or provided with a separate process. PURCHASE ORDERS+ for SAP orders automates these processes and offers further important features when handling orders. All features of the SAP ordering system are retained.

The result of an order is automatically a multi-page PDF file containing all order forms, a meaningful table of contents, the drawings and all other documents. If additional STEP or DXF files are to be sent, they will be packed with the complete order in a ZIP file.


"For about nine years, we have been using Advanced Software's document processing software in conjunction with SAP, in particular using the solutions to issue SAP production orders and to assemble and ship SAP orders. We are very satisfied with the performance and stability of the software. We particularly appreciate the cooperation with Advanced Software concerning the software solutions are continually being developed and our wishes are always taken into account."

Christian Odorfer, Betriebswirt M.A.
SAP Project Manager

NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH
BU Analyzing & Testing

Automatic analysis of the material and dissolution of the parts list

PURCHASE ORDERS + uses the existing order form. It is converted into a PDF file during processing and inserted first in the result file. The software automatically analyzes the material to be ordered and determines all associated documents. If a BOM is available, it will be resolved - depending on the configuration - completely, braked or up to a certain level. All documents linked to the materials are identified and integrated into the order. In addition, all documents that are contained in a document item in the BOM. Other documents (such as AGBs) can be defined via a configured document info record (DIS).

At the push of a button, the complete order is created with all attachements

The result of processing the order is an e-mail with the additional files attached. The e-mail contains the correct address of the recipient at the supplier from the SAP vendor master. The subject is configurable and may contain variables that are replaced by current values from SAP (e.g., order #, vendor, purchaser, etc.). The texts of the e-mail are configurable. They can also contain variables.

Automatically attach documents directly to SAP orders

It often happens that additional documents such as conversation notes, description of certain processes or visit reports are created for a SAP order. If there is already an object in SAP for this project, it is desirable to store these documents on this object instead of managing them separately in a folder structure in the Windows file system. In combination with our EmailMonitor, it is possible to attach such documents directly from SAP applications to the right object at the push of a button.

This feature works from all Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...), as well as from Lotus Notes and LibreOffice / OpenOffice (Writer, Calc, Draw, ...). The same applies to PDF files from Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers. In addition, all types of files from Windows Explorer can be stored in the SAP system at the push of a button.

In all cases, it is also possible to convert a document during this process (e.g. into a PDF file or a PDF / A file) and only then save it in the converted form on the respective SAP object.

Different object types can be differentiated when attaching, for example in addition to "real" SAP orders e.g. also inquiries, contracts and return orders.

Key benefits of PURCHASE ORDERS+:


The software integration fits seamlessly into the SAP message control, which displays orders, inquiries and order reminders. PURCHASE ORDERS+ uses only standard interfaces as an add-on solution. No modifications are made to the SAP software. All features of the SAP ordering system are retained, such as Scope of application for requests, orders and reminders of purchase orders as well as order form, approval procedures and scheduling agreements.


PURCHASE ORDERS+ automatically creates a table of contents listing all the documents included in the order. This gives both the purchaser and the supplier an optimal overview. In addition to names or numbers of the documents and the status, errors or peculiarities also contain meaningful information. If documents are missing, this is noted with the reason.


Order forms, drawings and all documents that are processed as a PDF file can be provided with any number of stamps. For this purpose, metadata from the PLM system (e.g., status, order number, etc.) can be used as well as system information (e.g., user name, date, time, etc.). The stamps are placed in the form of watermarks, marginal, image or barcode stamps behind the drawing or translucent, so that both drawing content and stamps are easy to read.

Automatic size check

With PURCHASE ORDERS + the maximum size of an e-mail can be configures. If necessary, the software automatically splits the files into several ZIP files and generates a corresponding number of emails with attachments. In the subject of the e-mail, "(m / n)" refers to the current e-mail and the total e-mails belonging to the order. If additional files are to be added regularly in Outlook, an additional empty e-mail can be attached by configuration, which then offers enough space for further attachments.

Drawing management

If within a short time a reordering of a material is performed at the same supplier and nothing has changed compared to the last order, the drawings and data exchange files are not sent again. In the table of contents, however, a corresponding entry is made with the reference to the last order and the order date on which the drawings were supplied. This function can be limited in time by configuration. However, if something has changed compared to the last order, the corresponding files will be supplied in any case.

Information on drawing changes

If the drawing has changed compared to a previous order with a supplier, a color difference view is automatically included. This documents all changes vis-à-vis the previous version graphically in different colors. In the table of contents is a corresponding note. This enables the supplier to clearly identify all changes to the previous version of the drawing.

Sending via SMTP or via Outlook

The result of processing the order is an e-mail with the additional files attached. Depending on the message type or an ad hoc selection at the time of the order, you can select whether the order should be sent directly and automatically via SMTP or whether it is stored in the "Drafts" folder of the purchaser. There, the buyer can make individual changes or even add additional files from the file system and then send the order.

Transmission via a portal or online storage

Optionally, the additional files can be made available to the supplier via online storage (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or your own solution). In this case, the order email contains the link to the online storage.

Automatic storage and archiving

The e-mail that goes to the supplier as an order is archived exactly in this form - with all manual changes in the text and, if necessary, other attachments. Via integration with the mail server, the e-mail is transferred and saved in EML format. It is then stored as a GOS object in the KPRO and linked to the SAP order. If desired, the order email can also be archived in a database system via the SAP ArchiveLink interface.

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