Optimized workflows for the entire procurement system

Under the name PURCHASING+ we have developed an overall concept for a more efficient procurement with SAP®: From the simplification of inquiries and orders for technical goods, where technical drawings are required and complex BOM structures must be resolved, through the automated checking and recording of order confirmations and an automatic processing of delivery notes and waybills, through to processing and checking incoming invoices, our software offers everything you need to make your purchasing processes less error-prone, faster and more cost-effective.

Switch to SAP® S4/HANA

Many of our customers are currently planning to switch to SAP S4/HANA or have already successfully changed their system. In this context, we carried out the SAP S4/HANA readiness check for our software solutions and ensured that all of them are of course also compatible with SAP S4/HANA. The corresponding adjustments were made in a way that all of our products (purchasing, production control, document management) will be compatible for both SAP/R3 and S4/HANA.

Purchase Orders for SAP®

With PURCHASE ORDERS + the result of an order is automatically a compilation containing all order forms, a meaningful table of contents, technical drawings, CAD data exchange files (for example DXF or STEP) as well as general terms and conditions, quality requirements or shipping instructions. This simplifies in particular the purchase of technical goods, in which additional information must be sent to the supplier in addition to the actual order forms.

Order Confirmations for SAP®

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + acts as a "digital assistant" for users in purchasing. In contrast to conventional OCR solutions, the software has artificial intelligence and can thus start directly with the checking and processing of order confirmations without tedious learning processes. This is how ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + succeeds in automatically assigning an order confirmation to the right supplier and to the right order in more than 95% of the cases!

Delivery notes and waybills for SAP®

As part of an optimization of the entire purchasing process, the area of the goods receipt with the necessary processing of delivery notes and waybills must be taken into account. Our product DELIVERY NOTES+ allows you a fast, automated and revision-proof recording, processing and storage of delivery notes and waybills in your SAP system.

Invoices for SAP®

*** COMING SOON! ***

INVOICE PROCESSING+ makes checking and entering incoming invoices much faster and less expensive. The software is equally suitable for the automated processing of paper invoices as well as for the processing of electronically transmitted incoming invoices as well as for invoices transmitted via the electronic exchange standards such as EDIFACT and ZUGFeRD.

"We have been using the ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ solution for a year now and we are thrilled with the reliability of the system. Our employees do not want to miss the tool in their daily work, because order confirmations can be checked and processed much faster. "

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