For many SAP® orders and inquiries, additional information must be sent to the supplier. These include technical drawings, CAD data exchange files (for example, DXF or STEP) as well as GTCs, quality requirements or shipping instructions. The drawings and CAD files are dependent on the material, GTCs and other documents on the supplier (e.g., language label or country). If you process orders via SAP® ERP and the corresponding module for purchasing, these important documents are not emitted automatically. Instead, all the necessary drawings, terms and conditions or quality guidelines must either be printed manually by the purchasers via the PDM / PLM system or provided with a separate process.

In addition, the challenge for purchasing with SAP is that technical documents can only be sent if they have a corresponding release status. When changes are made to parts that have been ordered, it is therefore necessary to check each time whether these documents have changed since the last purchase order and must be adapted accordingly for the current purchase order. The archiving of the purchase order in exactly the form in which it was sent to the supplier is also very important for the purchasing process, so that the correct documents are available for inspection in the event of defective deliveries. In addition, there are very practical problems with e-mail shipping, e.g. the size of the attachments or the layout of the texts in different languages. All of these transactions are not supported by the SAP ordering system, which leads to a considerable additional workload in Purchasing.

Our product PURCHASE ORDERS+ offers solutions for these challenges and helps to optimize the handling of the orders. All the characteristics of the SAP ordering system are retained!

The complete order is compiled with PURCHASE ORDERS + as a multi-page PDF file and packed into a ZIP file.
The complete order is packed with PURCHASE ORDERS+ in a ZIP file.

As result of the order, a multi-page PDF file is created containing all order forms, a meaningful table of contents, drawings and other documents.

If additional STEP or DXF files are to be sent, they are packed into a ZIP file with the complete order (multi-page PDF file).

This file is prepared as an attachment with an e-mail, whereby the e-mail address of the contact person is fetched from the SAP vendor master at the vendor. The subject of the e-mail as well as the text is freely configurable. In addition to fixed text modules, they can also contain placeholders for metadata (e.g., order number, name of the customer, etc.).

The e-mail is stored in the "Drafts" folder of the Purchaser. This allows him to edit the e-mail individually and then send it.

Other processing alternatives are also possible:

  • Direct shipping from the server to the supplier via SMTP.
  • Print or export to a folder.

As a purchaser you benefit from the elimination of the necessary manual activities and the associated sources of error. At the same time, despite the automated composition of the order with drawings and documents, individual interventions by the SAP user or approval procedures remain possible!


The software integration fits seamlessly into the SAP message control, with which orders, inquiries and order reminders are issued. PURCHASE ORDERS+ uses only standard interfaces as an add-on solution. No modifications are made to the SAP software. All features of the SAP ordering system are retained, such as Scope for inquiries, orders and reminders of purchase orders as well as order form, approval procedures and scheduling agreements.

Table of Contents

PURCHASE ORDERS+ automatically generates a table of contents listing all the documents contained in the order. This gives both the purchaser and the supplier an optimal overview. In addition to names or numbers of the documents and the status, errors or peculiarities also contain meaningful information. If documents are missing, this is noted with the reason.


Order forms, drawings and all documents that are processed as a PDF file can be stamped with any number of stamps. For this purpose, metadata from the PLM system (for example, status, order number, etc.) can be used as well as system information (for example, user name, date, time, etc.). The stamps are placed in the form of watermarks, marginal, image or barcode stamps behind the drawing or translucent, so that both drawing content and stamps are easy to read.

Automatic distribution of an order into several e-mails

Due to the additional files, the maximum size of an e-mail allowed by the supplier or the purchaser can easily be exceeded. PURCHASE ORDERS + automatically splits the files into several ZIP files and generates a corresponding number of emails into which the attachments are inserted. In the subject of the e-mail, "(m / n)" refers to the current e-mail and the total number of e-mails. If additional files are to be added regularly in Outlook, an additional empty e-mail can be added by configuration, which then offers enough space for further attachments. These files attached via Outlook from the file system are not processed by PURCHASE ORDERS+ but are left in the original file format and also not stamped. But they are part of the archived mail.

Reordering a material from the same supplier

If a re-order of a material from the same supplier is carried out within a short time, it is difficult for the supplier to determine whether something has changed compared to the last order. PURCHASE ORDERS+ offers the following routines for this case: If nothing has changed since the last order, the drawings and the CAD data exchange files are not sent again. In the table of contents, however, a corresponding entry is made with the reference to the last order and the order date on which the drawings were supplied. This function can be limited in time by configuration. However, if something has changed compared to the last order, the corresponding files will be supplied in any case. In addition - if present - difference views (additional option, no standard functionality) are inserted into the order, which document all changes graphically in different colors compared to the previous version. In the table of contents is a corresponding note.

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