Advantages at a glance:

  • Production preparation without printing on paper, manual collation of documents and drawings and transport to the machine.
  • All materials, parts lists and drawings are up-to-date at the start of production.
  • Optimal access to all documents and drawings linked to the production order.
  • Feedback on the production order without media break.
  • Automatic storage and archiving in the SAP® system.

With the extension PRODUCTION ORDERS+ PL we offer a possibility for the completely paperless production with output of the production orders with all accompanying documents and drawings on a screen or tablet at the workplace of the worker.

Of course, all well-known features of PRODUCTION ORDERS+ also apply to the PL (paperless) extension: the software automatically analyzes the materials and BOMs in the SAP system, checks their validity, automatically identifies the linked drawings and documents in the correct versions and adds them all documents together. The parts lists are output in files so that they can also be part of the compilation. This also includes document types, file types, release status and authorization objects.

Production orders can thus be output as multi-page PDF files at the touch of a button with PRODUCTION ORDERS+ PL. An automatically generated by the software index with links to the individual additional documents and drawings provides an optimal basis to browse through the production order back and forth, or quickly find the desired information through the search function. All replies during the production process are also digital with this solution and are recorded and archived directly on the production order in the SAP system.

Integration into the existing SAP®ERP takes place exclusively via standard interfaces. Modifications are not necessary, so that the operation with all SAP versions (including SAP S/4HANA) or even a later system update to a newer version of the ERP system is easily possible.

Full overview with the "FAUF-Cockpit"

With the start of PRODUCTION ORDERS + PL, the worker logs on to the SAP system with his user name. This is important so that feedback on the production order can be entered directly during the manufacturing process. With the "FAUF-Cockpit", the user receives a list of all upcoming production orders with production order number, process start, target start (latest start time), setup start, dispatcher, production controller, status, plant, work center, operation number, material, operation quantity and confirmation number.

The displayed information can of course be adapted to the requirements of the individual company. After logging in, the user receives all production orders that have been assigned to him and can then filter the overview as required - eg. after a specific workstation or machine, or after set-up or set-up. The FAUF cockpit thus displays the production orders filtered by the machine in the order of the planned work steps.

Multi-page PDF file with all production papers

With the selection of the next upcoming step, PRODUCTION ORDERS + PL will automatically provide all drawings and documents associated with the production order in a multi-page PDF file. All relevant details of the production order are clearly listed on the title page in the left-hand area (order number, material number, material short text and earliest start date):


Below you will find a list of all linked production papers, drawings, test instructions and other documents for this order. PRODUCTION ORDERS+ PL also automatically generates a clear table of contents with links. This is displayed in the right pane.

Feedback on the production order allows the software via a highly visible link in the upper left area: With a click on the order number, the desired SAP transactions for the respective production order can be called directly. If instructional videos or machine programs (e.g., CNC files) or the like are added to the production order. These are also listed in the table of contents and can be opened directly from the view (Prerequisite: The corresponding viewer must be installed on the PC or tablet.)

Upon completion of the production order, PRODUCTION ORDERS+ PL ensures that all production documents, drawings and other documents, including notes on a signed PDF/A file, are summarized and stored and archived in the ERP system as an attachment to the corresponding production order object (SAP ArchiveLink).




Optimal overview

The "FAUF Cockpit" offers the user an optimal overview of all production orders assigned to him. With extensive filter options, the list can be sorted by setup or target start times or by workplace and machine. From this list, the worker can then select the desired production order.

Automatic compilation

When selecting a production order from the table in the "FAUF-Cockpit", a multi-page-PDF opens automatically, which contains all necessary production papers and accompanying documents as well as drawings and documents.

Table of contents with links

A table of contents automatically generated by the software with links to the individual additional documents and drawings provides the optimal basis for browsing through the production order forward and back, or to quickly find the desired information via the search function.

Feedback directly to the SAP system

Feedback on the production order can be entered directly from the PDF document into the SAP system. Feedback on the production process plays a special role here, but in principle it is possible to freely configure which data the worker sends back to the system (for example, rejects, scheduled and unplanned goods movements, as well as deviations and their causes such as machine damage, etc.).

Archiving and documentation

The complete compilation is saved with all described documents in the form of a PDF/A file and stored in the SAP system. In order to prove that the file has not been changed from its original form, it can be provided with an electronic signature that is no longer valid in case of a change and thus reveals modifications.

Comprehensive reliability

Extensive backup options against failures. PRODUCTION ORDERS+ has been tried and tested for mission-critical applications for many years and has extensive backup options (for example, backup systems, distribution to multiple servers, automatic restart after computer failure, status feedback to SAP).

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