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Den umfangreichen Funktionsumfang von DIGITAL MANUFACTURING+ und das komfortable Handling zeigen wir Ihnen gerne im Rahmen einer kostenlosen und unverbindlichen Online-Demonstration. Eine Anmeldung ist ganz einfach über den Email-Link möglich.

Wir zeigen Ihnen dabei kurz und komprimiert die wichtigsten Features von DIGITAL MANUFACTURING+, u.a. Zusammenstellen der freigegebenen Fertigungsaufträge für den gewünschten Fertigungszeitraum (z.B. Tag oder Schicht), Aufteilung der FAUFs in Folgen und Vorgänge, Filtern der Vorgänge für die eingegebene Maschinen-ID (bzw. IDs, bei einem Fertigungszentrum mit mehreren Maschinen, zu denen ein Bildschirm gehört), Sortieren in der geplanten Fertigungsreihenfolge (z.B. frühestes Startdatum), Darstellung in einer Tabelle zur Selektion durch den Benutzer sowie die Optionen zur Dokumentation der Fertigung.

Referent: Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Binder, Geschäftsführer Advanced Software GmbH

Advantages at a glance:

  • Preparation for production without printing on paper, without manual collation of documents and drawings and without transport to the machine.
  • All documents and drawings are currently fetched from the SAP® system at the start of the manufacturing process.
  • Direct link to a SAP® feedback form.
  • Automatic documentation including comments and archiving on the SAP® production order.
  • Integration with SAP® - no modifications!

With our DIGITAL MANUFACTURING+ (DM+) solution, the worker receives exactly the right information for the current production at the right time on a screen near the production machine - without any printout on paper.

For one-off manufacturers and small series manufacturers, production orders are the most important information for production. In addition to the production papers supplied by SAP, the worker on the machine also needs drawings, test guidelines, test protocols, 3D views, instruction videos, etc. The next step in automation is that direct display of all this information on a screen on the production machine, without media breakage by printing on paper.

This results in considerable cost and time savings: The information is always up-to-date and no outdated paper is used, which means less waste. In the AV, many of the previously necessary work steps are no longer required after the actual planning of the production: printing on paper, transporting it to the machine, returning it and storing it for documentation.

Direct cost savings result from the elimination of the investment costs for small and large format printers and considerable follow-up costs for paper, toner, click costs and maintenance contracts for the devices.

DM+ usually pays for itself within a short time as a result of these savings.

Short description

DIGITAL MANUFACTURING + shows all the information required for the current manufacturing process at the right time on a screen near the manufacturing machine. The production orders themselves are prepared and released as usual by the work preparation in SAP.

In the vicinity of the production machine, the worker needs a PC or laptop with the appropriate controls that are adapted to the environmental conditions of the workplace (keyboard, mouse, depending on the product range, a large screen or television or possibly also a touchscreen). He also needs SAP access and an e-mail client (Outlook) for the full use of all features.

Central advantages of DIGITAL MANUFACTURING


With a "Feedback" button, the program branches directly to the SAP feedback form for the corresponding process. The relevant data of the process, such as production time, number of pieces, scrap, etc. can be entered there.


When the current process is ended, all documents are converted to a PDF/A file and saved or archived completely as an attachment to the SAP production order, so that later it can be exactly understood what information was available and used during production.


If necessary, DIGITAL MANUFACTURING+ can also be used to record worker comments directly, paperless. The commented document can be stored directly in SAP or several departments can also be informed (e.g. by email).

Completely paperless

Every information is displayed on a large screen. As a result, it is no longer necessary to produce large amounts of paper every day. The transport of the papers and drawings to the machine and back to the work preparation is eliminated, as is the archiving required after production as scans or in paper form in folders.


Since all documents are only compiled by the worker at the moment of the request, it is guaranteed that the production documents, drawings and other documents are always up to date.

Cost savings

The investment costs for small and large format printers are eliminated. This contrasts with the investments for PCs and monitors. However, while there are hardly any follow-up costs for screens, the follow-up costs for printers and plotters for paper, toner, click costs and maintenance contracts for the devices are considerable.

Integration with SAP

All integrations use standard SAP interfaces. No modifications are made to the SAP system, so that nothing stands in the way of a later update.

BOM integration

If required, the parts list can be integrated into the production order, so that the parts list on one level and the corresponding drawings are always arranged one behind the other.


Die Lösung ist langjährig für den Einsatz in betriebskritischen Bereichen erprobt und verfügt über umfangreiche Absicherungsmöglichkeiten (z.B. Backup-Systeme, Verteilung auf mehrere Server, Automatischer Anlauf nach Rechnerausfall, Statusrückmeldung nach SAP).

Safety and comfort features

  • Output of all relevant manufacturing information including manufacturing papers, parts list (s), drawings and test reports.
  • Test run when the production order is released in the AV to ensure the complete availability of all documents.
  • Overview through a table of contents, which lists all files and shows errors if necessary.
  • On request: stamping the SAP drawing status, the FAUF follow-up process no. with editor and date.
  • If you wish, you can also print for queries.
  • Optional: Additional output of a difference view for changes in drawings.
  • Robustness and reliability: Production orders are system-critical processes. That is why great importance was attached to robustness and reliability during the development of DM+.

Many satisfied customers who have been using our software for many years with well over 1,000 production orders per day are available as a reference for the reliability and effectiveness of the software.

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