The verification of order confirmations takes up a considerable amount of working time in purchasing. The actual work is already done and it is just a matter of making sure that the agreements are also adhered to by the suppliers. Of course, most order confirmations are correct, but nevertheless all order confirmations have to be compared to the orders again.

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ relieves the purchaser from this unnecessary workload. Therefore, this program already pays for itself within the first year on the basis of the saved labor costs.

More important, however, is the increased freedom in purchasing, which can be used for more intensive negotiations and for the search for new suppliers in order to reduce the costs of procurement.

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ works in the background and only reports deviations from the order if a decision is necessary. The necessary actions are done with just a few clicks. In the event of opposition and cancellation, ready-made e-mails are provided with all necessary information.

All data is always kept up-to-date in the SAP order or stored as an attachment so that representations or other departments are always informed.

The overview shows schematically how the processing of order confirmations with ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + runs:
<p>- Check the order confirmations
<p>- Automatic storage of order confirmations in the SAP system
<p>- Pre-made emails for opposition to the supplier or cancellation of the order
<p>- Assistance in accepting deviations and changing the order

Accept deviations

If the buyer comes to the conclusion that the deviation from the actual order, as determined in the order confirmation, is acceptable, he can easily and quickly change the SAP order using the "Accept" button. The order confirmation is stored as an attachment to the order in the SAP system.


If the user decides to send a contradiction to the supplier, the order confirmation with the marked deviations is compiled as an attachment to a configurable e-mail and sent directly via SMTP. Alternatively, this e-mail can also be stored in the "Drafts" folder. This allows the purchaser to add an individual text before the e-mail is sent.

Order cancellation

As a third option, the purchaser can cancel the order. He then automatically receives a ready-made e-mail with all the necessary data and information that he can send directly. If necessary, the change or addition of the e-mail is easily possible. The e-mail is - including all manual changes - also filed as an attachment to the order and the corresponding update of the SAP order is carried out.

Receipt of order confirmations

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ supports various forms in which order confirmations are received by the company:

Order confirmations received in paper form (by letter or fax) are scanned and provided with a text layer via OCR. Thereafter, they are stored in a digital folder "order confirmations". To process order confirmations that arrive in the company in digital form (as an attachment to an e-mail), ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ monitors a configurable e-mail inbox. In the next stept, the attachments to incoming e-mails are automatically stored in a digital folder "order confirmations"

If order confirmations by e-mail go directly to a purchaser's personal mailbox, he/she will forward the e-mail to the PO Box monitored by ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+. The further processing then takes place automatically.

Procedure of the test routines

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + takes over the data of the open orders including the supplier data from SAP at the (automatic) program start and afterwards at regular intervals. The automated processing then runs according to the following scheme: The system waits for incoming order confirmations. The processing of an order confirmation takes place directly after it has been placed in the folder "order confirmations". The first step of the processing is the identification of the right supplier and the search of the order to confirm the order. Then it is checked whether the order confirmation contains all the items of the order. Subsequently, each item is checked to see if the individual prices are correct, the quantities are correct, the total price has been calculated correctly and the delivery date is correct.

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