Enhancements for ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+: Use direct links in the SAP order and in the purchasing info record

From now on, buyers and dispatchers can use direct links to the SAP GUI from the AB monitor and from the editing interface of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ and call up the SAP order with a click on the order number or the purchasing info record by clicking on the material number.

The AB Monitor provides a clear overview of all incoming orders and can be filtered by date of receipt, processor, processing status and various order criteria. From here, the user can use the order no. jump directly to the appropriate SAP order.

Also in the editing interface of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ (in which a combination of the read data of the AB and the expected data of the SAP order is displayed) this order number is executed as a link. In addition, the material number is also executed here as a direct link to the SAP material or to the purchasing info record:

All links that open the SAP GUI are easily recognizable for the user with an icon ↗.

More information about the features of ORDER CONFIRMATIONS+ is available at https://www.advanced-software.de/en/solutions/einkauf/order-confirmations.html