The company

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Advanced Software GmbH is a leading provider of software for processing documents and other information in the ERP, PLM and CAD environment. We develop innovative solutions for automated procurement processes, optimized production control in mechanical and plant engineering and comprehensive document and output management. A particular focus is on integration solutions for SAP®. Our software solutions complement SAP with important functions that make the work of users less error-prone and more effective - and at a significantly reduced administration cost.

All solutions include the processing of technical and commercial documents (eg CAD drawings, MS Office files, TIFF, PDF and other industry standard files) and the related information (eg assemblies, parts lists, production orders, purchase orders and order confirmations) especially with regard to integration and data exchange between ERP, PLM and CAD systems.

Our customers include large and medium-sized companies in the automotive industry, automotive suppliers, mechanical and plant engineering as well as electrical engineering / electronics. Today, we serve more than 140 customers with around 250 installations in Germany, in other European countries, in the USA, in Asia and in South America.

We offer products and solutions to the following complex challenges:

  • Efficient purchasing with SAP
  • Optimized production control with SAP
  • Transforming document and output management
  • Coupling of different ERP and PLM systems
  • Conversion of CAD and Office files