Efficient workflows through automation
in purchasing, production and financial accounting


at Advanced Software GmbH. We offer innovative solutions for automated procurement processes, optimized production control in machine and plant construction, more efficient workflows and comprehensive document management. A particular focus is on integration solutions for SAP®.


From now on, buyers and dispatchers can use direct links to the SAP GUI from the AB monitor and from the editing interface of ORDER...

Purchasing with SAP®

Innovative software solutions for the entire purchase-to-pay process

Under the name PURCHASING + we have developed an overall concept for a more efficient procurement with SAP®: from the simplification of inquiries and orders for technical goods, where technical drawings are required and complex BOM structures must be resolved, through the automated checking and recording of order confirmations and an automatic processing of delivery notes and waybills, through to processing and checking incoming invoices, our software offers everything you need to make your purchasing processes faster, cheaper and less prone to error.

Purchase Orders

PURCHASE ORDERS+ creates a compilation of all order forms, an automatically generated, meaningful table of contents as well as all necessary drawings and other documents at the push of a button for an SAP® order.

Order Confirmations

ORDER CONFIRMATIONS + supports your purchasing department with an automatic check and deposit of incoming order confirmations and offers optimal automated processing options for changes, inconsistencies or cancellations.

Delivery notes and waybills

Our product DELIVERY NOTES + allows you a fast, automated and revision-proof recording, processing and storage of delivery notes and waybills in your SAP system.


INVOICE PROCESSING + for the automated processing of paper invoices, electronically transmitted incoming invoices as well as invoices transmitted via the electronic exchange standards such as EDIFACT and ZUGFeRD.













Production control with SAP®

Production Orders

PRODUCTION ORDERS+ makes the preparation of manufacturing processes much faster and more robust by automatically assembling drawings, production resources and equipment to a production order.

Spare parts catalogs

SPARE PARTS CATALOGS enables you to ad-hoc generate customer- and machine-specific spare parts catalogs. This ensures that technicians only receive the information they need and can quickly identify and order the replacement parts they need.

Success Story:

Heinrich Kipp Werk KG


To optimize the workflow when issuing SAP production orders, HEINRICH KIPP WERK KG relies on our software solution PRODUCTION ORDERS + with the features

  • Output as a multi-page file with all drawings
  • Uninterrupted printout
  • Storage of the result file with all attachments in the SAP system


















Individual software solutions

After more than 30 years in the market, we know that in some cases, ready-made products are not enough to provide the best value for a business. For these cases, we develop an individual solution based on our long-proven technical platforms, which is precisely tailored to your needs.


techdocpro is a multifunctional document processing platform and acts as middleware. The system consists of SAP® and Windows components to enable integration with SAP as well as important integrations with other PLM and CAD systems. techdocpro thus supports the extensive automation of frequently used procedures in the processing of documents.

Difference views

Our DIFFERECE VIEWS offer automatic and complete documentation of all changes to a drawing compared to the previous version at the touch of a button. The difference views are automatically added to the SAP document info record when the new version is released. Thereby, the work processes in design, work preparation, production and assembly are considerably accelerated.

Conversion server

The CONVERSION SERVER converts original files from all popular CAD systems, many industry standard formats and MS Office formats into neutral formats such as TIFF, PDF or PDF / A. In addition, data exchange formats such as e.g. DXF, STEP or JT are generated. With the neutral formats, you can use file formats that are suitable for long-term archiving.

















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