When goods are delivered, these are checked, compared with the purchase order, and the goods receipt is posted to SAP®. The delivery notes and freight notes should then be digitized so that they can be kept for six years according to legal requirements.

Our product DELIVERY NOTES+ supports this process with a comprehensive OCR recognition of the digitized documents and thus enables you to store the delivery notes and freight letters in your SAP system in an automated and audit-proof manner.

Functionalities of the standard system

In most cases, DELIVERY NOTES + can automatically determine the appropriate supplier and the corresponding purchase order based on the OCR run.

The delivery notes are then converted into a multi-page PDF/A-file and placed as an attachment to the purchase order. This offers the advantage that the documents are archived in a revision-proof manner and can be displayed at any time at the push of a button.

It may happen that due to the contamination of the papers or faulty scans, no reliable assignment of the digitized documents is possible. In this case, the software suggests the most likely vendor and the most likely order, and offers it to the user for manual confirmation. If, in exceptional cases, the supplier is not recognized at all, your employees can enter the vendor or the order number interactively.

The delivery notes are always stored in the form of a multi-page PDF/A-file as an attachment to the order.

Optional: Involvement of an external service provider

The delivery notes and freight letters are often crumpled, supplemented with handwritten additions or stains. Multi-page documents are mostly stapled together. Accordingly, the papers must be manually processed before scanning and, e.g. With stamps or stickers.

This work can, of course, be carried out by our own employees, but alternatively, we also offer processing by an external service provider:

In this variant, the papers in the company are only collected and picked up daily by a consignor who takes them to the service provider.

The service provider prepares the papers, carries out the scanning and the OCR recognition and, with the help of DELIVERY NOTES +, also assigns the order to the order. This can be done either by VPN connection or by file transfer. The delivery notes are available 24 hours after picking up the papers in SAP.

The service provider then retains the paper delivery notes for an agreed period and then disposes of them in a professional manner.

In this way, the complete paper handling for the delivery notes and freight papers is omitted.

The invoicing is done per processed paper so that the saved working time results directly in tangible cost savings.

Further software solutions for purchasing with SAP

In addition to the optimal support for the recording and storage of delivery notes and freight letters with DELIVERY NOTES +, we also offer other products for the optimization of purchasing processes with SAP, for example, for optimized output of orders, processing of order confirmations or automated invoice processing.

For further information, please refer to the following pages:

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